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Wheather a person dies with or without a will, his or her estate goes through probate or probate proceeding. This process takes about two years and help of an attorney is usually needed.

Hanten and Associates can represent you during the probate proceedings and guide you through the process in order to make it easier for you. Our probate services include the following:

Probate is rarely straight forward. Working with your law firm should be. Probate litigation can be a stressful experience, involving high risk exposure and unpredictable results. You need a lawyer who will simplify the process—not complicate it further.

What is probate?

Probate is a formal court proceeding that distributes the assets of a person when they have died, including: real property (land, houses etc.), bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

During this process the assets of the probate estate are frozen unless a court allows them to be sold or transferred. In addition, probate proceedings are public.

Probate is expensive and can take years. Probate fees are determined by the Texas Probate Code. There are a lot of negative aspects of probate. While the administration of a will or an intestacy proceeding is public and expensive, it is not impossible to navigate. The court will decide on the validity of the will and announces the executor.

The court also interprets the instructions of the will. Properties will be appraised you are still responsible for paying debts and taxes. After the complex probate process is finished, then the estate can be distributed accordingly. With our experience you will feel save knowing your loved ones' assets are in good hands.

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