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Immigration Law

Our attorneys assist individuals and corporations focusing exclusively on all matters that involve U.S. Immigration, Naturalization, Visa, and Consular Law. Hanten & Associates work hard for our clients to achieve success as in straightforward matters as well as in complex cases. Our goal is to make every client's American dream come true, unite families, and allow them to live and work legally in the U.S.

Our immigration services include the following:

Immigration is complicated process that is hard to work through without help from a lawyer. We handle cases for clients throughout the United States and from across the world. We handle complex immigration and deportation court cases. Wee handle cases for immigrants, future permanent residents, and detained aliens.

How Can We Help You?

Hanten & Associates, LLC attorneys work hard to help you come to the US and lawfully stay in the US. We offer expert legal services at the reasonable cost.

We value each client and realize that people's lives stand behind every page in their files. We analyze each case with careful precision and approach each situation from different varied angles to make sure to maximize each client's chances of success in achieving their immigration goals. From start to finish, your case is handled by experienced lawyers dedicated to exclusive practice of immigration law. Our cases do not get unfairly delayed by years of neglect and frustrating mistakes. We work hard until we succeed!

How Do We Work With You?

We offer a professional assistance to individuals as well as corporations. We can help the large corporations, small firms and mid-size companie with the immigration needs for their employeess. At the same time, no case is too small for us as and we happily assist individuals with obtaining visas, adjustment of status, naturalization, permanent residence and asylum. We have answers for all U.S. immigration questions for everyone.

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